The Cascade Program was conceived to support the many excellent entrepreneurial ventures with phenomenal potential that either lack the assets to pledge, in order to raise debt to expand their businesses, or lack the available funds from working capital to pay for the expense of a public equity listing.

Swiss Financiers initially presented a solution for individual ventures via Transaction Funding which provides an avenue for exceptional companies to go public, that might otherwise be overlooked by the traditional investment banking world, by inviting external investors to fund and participate in the transformational journey of revaluation of those companies from private to public entities.

The Cascade Program expanded upon that individual venture premise by creating a platform which spawned a continuous series of public offerings, each one funding another two, creating a waterfall of issuance. The Cascade can be created to support parent entity, institution, or family that wishes to list a series of their private holdings, subsidiaries, cross-shareholdings or new ventures as part of a broader financing or expansion program. Or, it can be operated as a pure opportunistic platform selecting prime ventures based on selected criteria. Either way, the whole program, once stimulated, becomes self funding.

This notion of credible self funding and self perpetuation naturally inspired the thought of harnessing the same principle within each individual company within the cascade itself. Rather than merely funding a program that brings the companies to life, why not create companies that themselves are self funded and can grow indefinitely? Thus, the Perpetual Company was born, enshrining many of the same principles maintained by many successful charitable foundations and endowments but embedding those principles in the company’s bye laws and shareholder agreements to create and secure a for profit company with perennial growth.


Our vision for the Cascade of Perpetual Companies Program is to establish a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders dedicated to launching Perpetual Companies that will thrive in the long-term and to create a better future for all by investing in companies that make a positive impact on society, while generating long-term value for investors.


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